Refusing to pay taxes to demand Redress:

 Currently there is no formal method of demanding Redress of Grievencies from the US Government where the Government actually listens and responds. In July of 2001 Mr. Webster made an attempt at demanding Redress by sending out such a demand (see PDF format here) to many Government officials. He received absolutely no responses from those letters. Although writing those letters did probably get him on some terrorist(?) watch list.

The next closest potential avenue for demanding Redress involves refusing to pay taxes until demands are met or at least until complaints are heard in court. There are plenty of prescidence for this if the Government is seen as a "Provider of Public Services" who then must charge for those services with taxes. It is quite normal in Common Law to withhold payment from a provider, for services that were never delivered. The two main "deliverables" from the Government being of course the protection of one's Civil Rights, and of one's Property Rights.

 From 1998 on Mr. Webster has refused to pay either State of California, or US Income Taxes. In 2001 he had his day in US Tax Court, although he had mistakenly used the "Small Tax Case" forms. That format does NOT allow the verdict to be appealed. For that tax court case he did subpoena Lt. Herbert(PDF format) with the intent of using her testamony to show the failure of the Government.

 The evidence referred to in many of the tax documents below to show that the FBI had no interest in looking into the violations of the Civil Rights of US Citizens by other Federal Agencies, is a letter that Mr. Webster wrote to the FBI (in PDF format here) and the FBI's letter in response (PDF).

For the second Tax case (for Tax year 1998), a standard Tax case was used that was appealable. The court date was November 28, 2005. To see a transcript of that hearing click here:Transcript of 1998 Tax Hearing (PDF) That court as expected rejected Mr. Webster's arguments as "Frivolous".

The final appeal was made to the US Supreme Court with a Petition for Writ of Certiorari (PDF) That court rejected the included arguments thereby agreeing with the IRS that the Income Tax being enforced on the Citizen is in no way altered by the failure of the US Government to provide basic protections to that Citizen.


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