Speeches and Essays after "The Scam"

Over the last ten years, our "Justice" system has perfected its techniques for getting around literally every provision of our Bill or Rights. This has allowed our government legislatures to enact more and more laws that define the relationship between the Government and the People as that between a master and its slaves. What has resulted is a supposedly "Benevolent" Police State enforcing laws of Politically Correctness.

note: All three of these essays have been published as paid political advertisements in the Metro weekly newspaper in Santa Clara County, California.

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The Big Lie - "That LAW is sacred...

... and that since it was created by a representative government it represents the "Will of the People" and therefore the Government has the moral right to enforce that law at the point of a gun, the right to initiate violence against even peaceful people who would choose to ignore the law".

The truth is that even our government must be held to basic moral principals. That it can not be allowed to violate the natural right of an individual simply because it used "Due Process". Only when an individual has violated the natural rights of another does he give up his own rights to life, liberty, and property thereby giving government the right to have their way with him. In all other cases where our government and its law enforcement agencies have incarcerated or killed people or confiscated their property it is our government that is the evil villain, and those of us that have stood silently on the sidelines are accessories to that evil action.

The forefathers of our government set up a system of checks and balances with three competitive branches: a legislative, executive(law enforcement), and judicial; to slow down the process by which that government would infringe on the rights of the individual. Unfortunately, these branches of government while quarreling between themselves about who gets the biggest piece of the power pie, have reached an agreement on all wanting a bigger pie.

In addition both the legislative and judicial branches of government have come to realize that it is only through the real power of law enforcement agencies that their own edicts get any real teeth. So over time the legislature and courts have established a supposedly "benevolent" police state. They have given the police more and more power to give them the ability to enforce the latest laws that are more and more an invasion of individual rights.

This process has proceeded to the point where our Bill of Rights is now little more than a historical artifact. The police now are free to use active entrapment to enforce victimless crimes law where their would be no victim to make a complaint. Gun laws have gotten tighter and tighter, and the police get looser and looser restrictions on being able to search and confiscate those weapons by which the people could fight back. Laws requiring the carrying of an identity card have gotten stronger where lack of identification is now enough to detain a person. The cards themselves are carrying magnet strips that allow police to easily locate an individual's records within a government data base. And of course Law enforcement agencies are now even rewarded for enforcing the law with their cut of the loot from asset forfeiture.

The assault at Waco Texas was simply a test enforcement to see whether or not the propaganda had succeeded in convincing the general public that "Law is sacred". Testing as to whether or not the people will stand by and allow the continued escalation of government power even when it involves the killing of children. To add insult to injury, the survivors at Waco of course were charged with murdering their attackers for having shot back.

The biggest proof that law is not sacred is that the law enforcement agencies themselves blatantly disregard the law. In my own experience I have seen the courts look the other way when police altered evidence and where the courts would even seal documents to hide police illegal activity. There just is no incentive for the people in the system to bring charges against a police officer that is seen by them as doing his job -- that of enforcing government control. The police see the laws not as something that applies to them but only as tools of their trade to be used and misused against socially undesirable people and against people that threaten or ignore the power base of the established legislative, judicial, and law enforcement branches of government.

Our Government now has only a thin facade of legitimacy remaining, we must strip away that facade and expose the corrupt center -- the lust for power. We then must systematically strip away all of its unconstitutional, immoral, and unjust power so that it once again is the servant of the people not their master; so that it again protects the rights of the individual instead of violating those rights.

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  Our Government's Dirty Little Secret

Don't bother asking your congressman, your mayor, the police, or your city newspaper. They know it but they are the ones that are actively hiding it from you. They have too much invested in the status quo to tell you the truth.

Instead ask the survivors of the Waco Siege; ask Randy Weaver or the widow of Donald Scott. Ask anyone whose life has been destroyed or whose family has been forever torn apart by an anonymous tip and overzealous police. Or you could ask me about my personal experience.

What we will tell you is that today in the United States, individuals no longer have any rights at all. Our Bill of Rights is now little more than a historical artifact; the remnants of an experiment long ended.

What we have left is a supposedly "benevolent" police state enforcing laws of political correctness. Today judges look the other way when police falsify evidence to get the "bad" guys. Today undercover police use active entrapment to efficiently catch the potential criminal for violating thought crimes supposedly before he would break the law on his own and do real damage. Today, the public defender's real job is to get you to accept a plea bargain and to make you feel good about it even though you are innocent.

Technically, the Bill of Rights and our other Federal and State constitutional "protections" are still there but the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies can simply use procedure that circumvents them. For example, by working with a Federal crime task force the local police can use the Feds to get around certain State laws designed to protect the innocent - The Federal agency being immune to State law. The Feds might hold on to evidence that the police don't want to reveal in response to the defendants motion of discovery in a State court. Furthering "Justice" through the hiding of evidence, interesting concept.

Another trick of police is the use of a "Confidential Informant". This concept was supposedly created to allow the sealing of court documents that contain the name of an informant whose life would be placed in danger if his identity came out in court. It later was expanded to allow the details of any "on going investigation" to remain hidden. Today, it is used to hide all kinds of illegal police activity that they don't want the public to know about.

For example, when the police want authorization for a search warrant, wire tap, or arrest warrant they simply make up a fictitious reason, include the name of the "confidential informant" (who really is just another police officer) who supplied the information, then get a sympathetic judge to seal it. The warrant is authorized yet the lies in the document will never see the light of day, much less ever be questioned. [see Sealed Documents]

One of the most powerful tools of our police in their "War against Crime" is the ability to alter evidence and get away with it. If the police "know" that a person is guilty but don't have the evidence, instead of letting him go free they would much rather manufacture the needed evidence. The "Justice" system looks at the police officer who does this as simply "Creatively doing his job".

And finally, the keystone that allows all of these blatant violations of our rights to go on unchecked, the infamous plea bargain. Imagine yourself, the victim of an illegal police entrapment scam, arrested for committing thought crimes. As a defendant you have been denied a reasonable bail and kept in jail because the charges are so heinous (you are considered a threat to society) and you would most likely flee. You have been kept in jail now for almost a year waiting for your trial, what with various motions and extensions of time on advice from your public defender.

Now comes the moment of truth, if you went to trial you would be facing over ten years in prison; or you could accept a plea bargain and be home tonight (somehow you would no longer be a threat to society, I guess). You know you're innocent but you also know the police have fabricated evidence and lied under oath and you don't know whether or not you can prove it.

Our "Justice" system depends on the defendant accepting the plea bargain, not just to prevent a flood of defendants going to trial, but to allow the violations of the rights of the defendants to be covered up. With the acceptance of the plea bargain the defendant looses his rights of "Discovery", the sealed documents can remain hidden, the police can hold onto and eventually destroy altered evidence, and the unconstitutional laws and procedure used to catch the "criminal" of thought crimes can remain untested in higher court.

And most important, the police and our "Justice" system can show off their high conviction rate to the public making it easier for the police to get those additional laws in place that would give them still more power to better enact their form of "Justice".

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The Gov't wants to raise your kids

Maybe not in person,
but the politicians and bureaucrats do want to write the laws that will dictate how you must raise your children. Those laws will enforce Political Correctness in child rearing. If you try to raise your children otherwise you will find yourself charged with felony "Child Abuse", facing many years in prison. Of course, you could accept a plea bargain and voluntarily give up your kids. Either way they will to be raised by a government agency.

This political agenda to control how your children are raised, is being pushed by those that believe that the Government could make everything right if it just had more control. This message is even being pushed by our daily newspaper and the TV media. They are trying to seduce us into accepting this Government control of how the other person raises their child. Well, as far as the government is concerned we are the other person.

First we get a barrage of media hype telling us how evil it is that someone is raising their children differently than you or I would. Then come the laws, and eventually arrests with the children being taken away from their parents.

We recently saw this with the Female Circumcision issue*. Nowhere in the Media's hate rhetoric did they mention that this ritual was being conducted by parents that really cared deeply for their children and who thought this was best.

This is the dark side of democracy: the Tyranny of a Majority led by a media that believes in ensuring Political Correctness with laws. These new laws are then enforced at the point of a gun by the police and courts that believe that "Political Might makes Right" and "The Ends justify the Means".

During recent years in Congress and our state legislature, any bill that purported to be against "Child Abuse" automatically got voted into law since it would be political suicide to vote against it. Yet, many of the add-ons to these bills had very little to do with child abuse and everything to do with enforcing politically correct parenting.

For example, in California it now is a felony punishable by up to eight years in prison, for parents to advise or encourage their teenager to become sexually active. It doesn't even require the teenager to act on the advice; giving that advice is the crime. Is this really child abuse ?

Take it from me, the problem is not with parents that care about their own children but just want to raise them differently. The real problem is when others interfere in the raising of our children. Today, much of that interference comes from a government bent on enforcing Political Correctness in parenting.

Many of these laws would be normally unenforceable . So a Federal task force was put together to aid local law enforcement, including our own San Jose Police, in catching these supposedly deviant parents. The entrapment scam they used, depended heavily on the ability of the police to hide evidence and to do professional alteration of tape recorded evidence, it also depended on the local courts, the Santa Clara County Courts for example, to seal important documents, to prevent altered evidence from being analyzed, and to do whatever else was necessary to cover-up the illegal nature of this police activity.

This is an example of Organized Criminal Activity committed by the Fed's and our local San Jose Police, and condoned by our "Justice" System. These are Law enforcement agencies that apparently see themselves as being above the law. And this effort was not being directed against hardened criminals, but against Politically Incorrect parents, supposedly in an effort to "Protect the Children".

If you love and care about your children, are you prepared to raise your children the way the Politically Correct majority rules, or should you, the parent, be the one that decides what is best ?

*Post Script:
In response to those who have written and who feel that "female circumcision" is child abuse, I would like to state that there is an important difference. These parents really do care about their children and they really do believe that this is best for their children; this makes it distinctly different from cases where the parent will cripple the child to get more money for themselves in pan-handling at the child's expense.

I would point out that while female circumcision may in fact not be best for the child (and I for one strongly believe that it is not), you do not change the well intentioned parent's actions through laws enforcing the standards of the majority's culture, instead all you need is to present to those parents the information and evidence that shows that indeed their intended actions are not best for their child. If the parents still persist in their beliefs and actions then maybe they know something about their child, their culture, and morality in general that you and I don't know.

I would also state that in libertarian theory many of the "Rights of the Individual" are not realized in the child until that child asserts it's rights. So if a child asserts their rights by running away from home to avoid female circumcision or any other "child abuse" (real or imagined) then no one has the right to force that child to return to its family.

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